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La Plante is a virtual house plant hosted in its own autonomous system, powered by a generator.

This project serves as a playground to explore and tame various technologies. This micro site was created to explain this process. Everything below refers to an interactive version of the project which is currently on hold.
This project is a work in progress; nothing is set in stone. You are invited to experiment and feedback is more than welcome. For this reason, there is an online component to La Plante. A series of events will be published on a Discord Server. Users are invited to vote on the events.
A first version of La Plante is being presented at Sporobole, Sherbrooke, CA from September 9th 2022 until October 15th 2022. This time around, a single plant will grow. You are free to help it bloom or let it die.

Project Structure


Users are invited to join a discord server where the game takes place under the form of a series of events about the growth of a small virtual house plant.


Events are short prompts generated by an AI writing tool. Each event offers two actions that will impact the simulation but its effect has to be deducted. Users then vote for one action based on a speculated outcome.

Chat Bot

The chat bot records the votes and update the simulation accordingly. The bot acts as an intermediary between the users and the simulation.

Plant Simulation

Following multiple rules, the plant parameters influence its growth. Most of this data is hidden to the online users but can be seen as a print log on the sculpture.


A parametric plant system created in Blender with Geo Nodes is controlled by the simulation. This visual output is accessed either online on the discord server or on the sculpture itself.


A unique token is generated based on the visualization. The simulation parameters are also stored as attributes. It is sent to everyone who contributed to its creation.

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Join the Baron Lanteigne Discord Server!
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La Plante is a virtual house plant hosted in its own autonomous system, powered by a generator.
Project Structure
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